This page provides some details and links to the CMRR key partners.

Refugees As Survivors New Zealand:

Ensuring access to quality, culturally-responsive health services to assist positive resettlement in New Zealand for refugees and people with related backgrounds.

Visit them at their Facebook page for more information.

AUT Centre for Refugee Education:

Provides an on arrival 6 week education programme for the 750 refugees who come to New Zealand each year under the government quota scheme. For many refugees the programmes represent the turning point from their traumatic past to a future of hope.

Refugee Council of New Zealand:

The Refugee Council of New Zealand (RCNZ) is a national organisation whose purpose is to provide advice, information and assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees in New Zealand.

Auckland Refugee Community Coalition:

The ARCC promotes a sustainable, integrated resettlement approach that maintains the cultural identities of former refugees and allows them to thrive in their new home country.